Turn up

Let us get you a table

Order your food & drinks from our delicious menu

Choose your games

Browse the library of 270 games

Game Gurus will be on hand to make recommendations and explain rules


Play as many different games as you like

It’s table service so you don’t even get up to order more drinks!

What does it cost?


£5/games session


£4/games session

What is the games session charge for?

It goes towards buying new games, maintaining the games and replacing damaged games or lost pieces. It also goes towards the cost of our Games Gurus who are always on hand to recommend and teach games.

How long does a games session last?

At busy times there’s a 4-hour limit per table. For most people this is more than enough time to play all the games they want. If there’s nobody waiting for a table you’re welcome to stay as long as you like!